Building and purchasing a green house is extremely socially responsible, financially prudent, and maximizes the owner’s quality of living. Sustainability of the earth’s environment and resources is one of the most critical and relevant issues today. The consumption choices we make impacts the lives of our children and their children. The materials and processes that go into a green construction minimize ecological impact so the homeowner is directly participating in the conservation movement. My house is efficient, burns clean, renewable energy resources, needs minimum maintenance, and has the highest resale value of any new construction on the market today. As people realize the real cost savings that can be reaped from owning a green house- be it from less fuel costs per year, to less outlay for painting and repairs over the life of the home- the value and demand will increase faster than for traditional, less “tightly” constructed homes. Finally, living in my beautiful new home aesthetically and logistically enhances my life. I wake up every morning to the knowledge that my house is state of the art in design and structure. I enjoy living in it and it frees up more leisure time for me to enjoy the things I would rather do than deal with the headaches of home maintenance and repair.

As far as I am concerned, John and Paul Hertz are the only contractors I would go to for any type of construction. I would recommend them highly to my parents, my children, and my friends. They are not merely contracted by a homeowner to build a house; they become collaborative partners and friends in a very creative and fun process. John was generous with his time, truly empathetic in his advice, fair in changes and additions to the original plans, knowledgeable, experienced, and an artist. The craftsmen and subcontractors working on my house are at the top of their fields and are accountable and responsive to questions and changes. I always felt like I was an integral part of the process and I know that going forward Hertz Construction will stand by their work. All in all, planning and watching the creation of my new home was a wonderful and rewarding experience. I invite any person with more questions to directly contact me through Hertz Construction.

Renee Graham

Green living is the ultimate choice for today’s savvy homeowner.  By choosing green housing, we are able to use fewer natural resources for necessities like heating and electricity. In using fewer resources we not only promote a more sustainable way of living in the environmental sense but also dramatically reduce our living costs.  All this comes without sacrificing the quality, style and craftsmanship we required in owning a new home.

Living green is the intersection of environmental conservation, economic preservation and elegant style.



First of all, congratulations on completion of sales of Noroton Green!

In respect to your question as to what I think of advantages of living in a Green Building, energy efficiency and cleanliness would obviously be top of the list. I also notice how quiet it is due to the tight construction, which in addition gives me a sense of being in a extremely secure solid environment.


Hi John,

Here are some of the main things we like about Noroton Green being built as green homes!

The landscaping, use of runoff areas, and general water drainage are all very naturally incorporated and have worked great since we’ve been here. The house ventilation flow for heat and air conditioning is very comfortable while being barely noticeable as well due to the slower fan speeds. The air tightness of the house helps keep out pollen and other allergens, great for those of us with allergies! The home materials from the wood floors to the marble bathrooms and pretty much everything else are high quality and solidly constructed. Energy efficient lighting all over the house not only saves electricity but is easier on the eyes since they start out dim and get brighter over time.