Certified Green Professional

Hertz Construction Inc, located in Darien, Connecticut is committed to building environmentally conscious homes and offers renovations that enhance the quality of life, and help preserve the environment.

Certified Green Professional

We strive for energy efficiency, improved indoor air quality, natural lighting, and sustainable materials using Green Building best practices. We believe that Green Building is the only way to build. Green Building creates environments that are more comfortable, last longer, cost less to maintain, and have greater long-term value. Kindly view our awards here, and a few of our testimonials here.

Benefits of Buying Green

  • Buying a green home provides homeowners with an opportunity to simultaneously reduce homeowner expenses and obtain a greater return on their investment longer term.
  • The use of sustainable materials that have longer life cycles reduces the need for costly repairs and replacement needs over the lifespan of a home.
  • The use of high efficiency heating and cooling technologies including radiant heat, enhanced home insulation, high efficiency windows and skylights, reduces home heating fuel, air conditioning, and overall electricity expenses.
  • Greater optimization of interior and exterior spaces provides homeowners with a smaller home footprint that enables homeowners to reduce overall homeownership expenses.
  • Smaller (home) footprints provide homeowners with an opportunity act in a socially responsible manner by reducing their overall carbon footprint, with a goal of protecting our planet for the children of future generations.
  • The use of reduced flow bathroom equipment provides homeowners with opportunities to decrease the amount of water used and corresponding costs of water.
  • Common attributes of a green community such as: private shared roads, open spaces, and homes that occupy a smaller footprint and face each other in close proximity, collectively provide for greater safety and security of homeowners and their children.

Each of the green building benefits stated above begin the day you move into your new green home.